Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to WV Living.... In Style

I'm so excited to sign on as the Style Editor at WV LIVING magazine! I'm so proud to say I'm a West Virginia native, and although my career has taken me to other parts of the country, I can truly say my heart will always remain in the mountain state.

So let's talk about fashion, shopping, handbags and boutiques. I feel like I was born to talk about those subjects, and in fact I've been doing it professionally for almost 15 years!!

After logging more than 6,000 hours of live TV appearances as a shopping host on QVC, crisscrossing the country working with designers, celebrities and fashion icons, I discovered a universal dilemma that held true for me, my audiences and even the celebrities I interviewed…women want a limitless wardrobe on a limited budget! That's why I developed my own clothing collection, The Kim Parrish Collection available on HSN and

I can't wait to share the secrets I've learned and are continually discovering about wardrobe building, creating memorable looks and boosting confidence in your closet one garment at a time!

So let's shop, share and explore some of the hottest boutiques in the state! Let's clean out our closets together and dare each other to think outside the box when trying new trends! Most importantly, let's have fun with fashion!!


  1. You have no idea how excited I was to come upon the WV Living Magazine - and then this blog! In a state where the main demographics are older folks and teenagers, it leaves us 20-30 something girls from outside WV feeling like we're in a desert! We like WV - we'd just like a little infusion of our style, tastes, etc. so we can feel more at home!

  2. Fantastic!! I'm so excited to hear from you! Let me know your favorite styles and places to shop!

  3. I'm a Classic/Naturalist gal, so my style is simple and classic.

    As for shopping, I buy certain pieces at certain places. For instance, I buy my jeans at Gap. I buy turtlenecks at Sears, and then buy nice sweaters to wear overtop from places like JCPenney's, Elder-Beerman, Macy's (if I'm in Pittsburgh area).

    I recently lost about 30 pounds, so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Like most women, I had a closet full of stuff that didn't go together. So for Christmas I had my husband get me a few books on fashion and style. Now I can walk into my closet, grab one or two items from an assortment that compliments each other, and look great!