Friday, January 9, 2009

Shoe Search

I'll be the first to admit, I love designer shoes. I weep for Jimmy Choo, adore Manolo Blahnik and feel that Stuart Weitzman must truly know my soul, but my budget doesn't allow for too many frivolous purchases.

Luckily, I've fallen in love with a shoe I found at Elizabeth Michaels Boutique in Vienna located on Grand Central Avenue. This strappy little sandal accents my femininity while the four inch heel lets everyone know 'I mean business!' The best news- they're only $39.00. Can you believe it!

To check them out go to Too cute! My toes are ready for spring!


  1. If you could provide us ladies with some good places to find shoes in the area, it would be so very appreciated! I'm 28 and have been trying to find a nice heeled-shoe to dress up jeans. But I need a wide size (which the major department stores nor Shoe Carnival don't carry) or the styles are for older women. Help!

  2. Wide widths are tough to find. That explains why so many people shop at QVC and HSN for their shoes. I'll be on the lookout for fabulous shoes for you and I'll also let the retailers know your needs. You're not alone in your search for great fashions!