Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a Fashion Battle Zone

.....and in any good battle you must be properly attired in Gladiator Sandals- the hottest footwear this season!

Through all my fashion travels from New York to London, the one look that seems to be holding steady is the Gladiator Sandal. I've seen variations of this style, from a watered down version available at Banana Republic to a trend-embracing look available at THE FINERY in Morgantown. In fact, WV LIVING's editor Nikki Bowman recently welcomed this trend into her closet with the purchase of a metallic gold pair of Gladiator Sandals she purchased at THE FINERY located at the Seneca Center and she couldn't be more pleased.

If you're looking for a new pair of sandlas this year and you want to step out of the box, then try this look. Visit, http://www.thefinery.com/ for directions, style stips and more information about this wonderful boutique loaded with style.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

She-Town Divas so Chic

If you're in the Shepherstown, WV area make sure to plan a trip to the chic boutique called She-Town Divas. Clothes range in price as well as needs but you'll surely find something for any ocassion no matter your age or income level.

More information can be found on She-Town Divas in the Spring issue of WV LIVING available in stores now. Go to http://www.wvlivingmagazine.com/ for a list of locations currently selling the magazine. For more details on She-Town Divas, visit http://www.shetowndivas.com/.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pamper Me

While traveling on business this week to Miami I had a private tour of The Setai, an exclusive hotel that caters to the rich and famous. When I heard of the luxuries and pamperings that are offered to those who can afford them I wondered if I would ever see such pampering in my lifetime. And then, I ran across a wonderful handbag collection that custom makes bags by request. What? A bag made just for me!
I love it! I want the whole collection! So I studied their website wondering how the items were so affordable and yet they could make me feel so special.

Founded in Fall 2006, Scigliano Designs is a fresh and fast-growing business that caters to the individual and allows for designs that capture personal uniqueness. The company offers 12 original styles, and is custom made to preference with hand-crafted pattern work and high-quality materials. A positively unprecedented and novel purse is the culmination of this collaboration.

Gina Shields, the sole proprietor, designer, and seamstress of Scigliano Designs, is much more than a designer-she is a passionate artist with the foresight to see a finished masterpiece while examining fabrics on the roll. She founded the business with the intent of deviating from the mainstream icons of fashion and allowing customers to be part of the process and create their own designs to reflect individual "purse"onality.In addition to her lifelong zest and admiration for the world of fashion, she has compiled qualifying credentials. Gina graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and a minor in Business. Further studies included a stint at the world renowned school of fashion Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti located in Milan, Italy.

Inspiration for Scigliano Designs stems from the everlasting little black dress that travels from season to season, year after year, molding to the ever-changing fashion trends. Like the little black dress, the Scigliano purse will be an enduring design.Fashion is universal...the challenge is to create a design that confers homage to the past while remaining awake to the present, and adding a unique stamp or footprint on the future. Spanning generations, the purse will be timeless- fashionable today...and tomorrow.

So you want to know my favorite? Go to the website and check out Gia. (left) I weep just looking at its simple beauty. Could this be true love?

The products are constructed only after the ordering process is complete. Construction may take between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on the detail of the product. All products are handcrafted in the United States.
To find out more visit, http://www.sciglianodesigns.com/

Fall 2009 has spoken

A couple weeks ago I visited Coterie, one of the fashion trade shows that take place each year in New York where brands can showcase their products to retailers. This year the economy slowed the traffic but the booths still managed to wow the crowds.

What did I see? Lots of Bohemian. Gypsy. Global. Flowing tunics. Colorblocking items with detail. Maxi dresses. Peace love and the 70s. Sparkle and shine. Upscale tie-dye. Peasant tops. Geometric prints with 60's inspirations.

What brands really stood out? Ella Moss and Sky had packed booths with hundreds of people milling through their racks. The Michael Stars booth looked like a modern bar scene with simple tees in a rainbow of colors all being scooped up by the line of retailers seated in chrome stools belly up to a long working table. And the Milly booth didn't disappoint. It was upscale with a video running from their latest fashion show.

I was happy to see Custo Barcelona, a hip line of scarves, accessories and clothing with a real global influence in prints. I'm wondering if any stores in West Virginia have begun to carry this brand. I recently became acquainted with it while attending the NFL Wives fundraiser in Tampa. I was excited to see a bold scarf in their goody bags and have loved it since I got it!

As for shoes? Ballet flats still dominate. Gladiator sandals were also still commanding attention through the end of the year.

What was surprising? Ripped to shreds leggings, jeans and skirts. I'll leave that look for the younger generation.

I did notice that the smaller, lesser known brands were being swallowed up by the big brands and wondered if it was possible for them to complete with the brand giants.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of fashion and I'm looking forward to seeing the trends emerge in the stores.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The KPC and a touch of local Boho

Bohemian fashions are very strong for Spring/Summer 2009 and jewelry plays a huge hand in this trend.

During a recent shopping trip to Hornor and Harrison in Parkersburg, http://www.hornorharrison.com/, I found some fantastic jewelry at great prices. I picked up two sets of bangles for less than $20 and two necklaces with matching earrings for less than $20 each as well.

I loved the bangles so much I haven't stopped wearing them! I coupled the brown set with a bracelet I bought from http://www.gratitudecollections.net/ and sported them during my last 3 shows on HSN. You can check out some of the videos of the presentations when clicking on the more recent items. Or check out the necklace right here!

When looking to update your wardrobe with a Bohemian influence look for items with natural beads, crystals, wood and a handmade flair. Necklaces are varying in length this season with long necklaces being the most popular. Attention is also placed on the wrist and layering is important to remember when dressing. Stack bracelets of varying styles, thicknesses and colors. A missmatched look works perfectly for this trend. Also, pull out some chunky rings with large gemstones. Earrings are going bold as well so don't be shy! Earthtones natural gems round out the Boho feeling!

You can also see this necklace and the bangles up close and personal in the next issue of WV LIVING magazine. www.WVLIVINGmagazine.com

Sunday, March 1, 2009


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