Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's all in the Detail

In economically challenging times stores tend to stock their shelves with wardrobe-building basics but in this tough economy women are demanding more! More sequins, embroidery, bows and zippers! The last thing we want is a boring basic.

So, when you head to the stores to grab a sale item or collect a few "must-haves" for spring remember to look for something with interest, drama or detail. You'll feel great about your purchase and look fabulous too!

Item #328-393, Kim Parrish Collection on HSN and


  1. Over Christmas I was shopping in Charleston Town Center after I got off work and bought the cutes black shirt ever. The back of it was lacy while the rest of the shirt was cotton. That little detail was all I needed to immediately what this shirt. What really inspired me to buy this top was an episode of "The Hills", Whitney had gone to DVF for an interview and had on this black t-shirt dress that had a lace detail in the back and I loved it. What I am noticing is that the littlest detail or accessory can make a simple outfit appear so expensive.

  2. Love! What was the name of the store? I'll have to check it out!