Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pamper Me

While traveling on business this week to Miami I had a private tour of The Setai, an exclusive hotel that caters to the rich and famous. When I heard of the luxuries and pamperings that are offered to those who can afford them I wondered if I would ever see such pampering in my lifetime. And then, I ran across a wonderful handbag collection that custom makes bags by request. What? A bag made just for me!
I love it! I want the whole collection! So I studied their website wondering how the items were so affordable and yet they could make me feel so special.

Founded in Fall 2006, Scigliano Designs is a fresh and fast-growing business that caters to the individual and allows for designs that capture personal uniqueness. The company offers 12 original styles, and is custom made to preference with hand-crafted pattern work and high-quality materials. A positively unprecedented and novel purse is the culmination of this collaboration.

Gina Shields, the sole proprietor, designer, and seamstress of Scigliano Designs, is much more than a designer-she is a passionate artist with the foresight to see a finished masterpiece while examining fabrics on the roll. She founded the business with the intent of deviating from the mainstream icons of fashion and allowing customers to be part of the process and create their own designs to reflect individual "purse"onality.In addition to her lifelong zest and admiration for the world of fashion, she has compiled qualifying credentials. Gina graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and a minor in Business. Further studies included a stint at the world renowned school of fashion Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti located in Milan, Italy.

Inspiration for Scigliano Designs stems from the everlasting little black dress that travels from season to season, year after year, molding to the ever-changing fashion trends. Like the little black dress, the Scigliano purse will be an enduring design.Fashion is universal...the challenge is to create a design that confers homage to the past while remaining awake to the present, and adding a unique stamp or footprint on the future. Spanning generations, the purse will be timeless- fashionable today...and tomorrow.

So you want to know my favorite? Go to the website and check out Gia. (left) I weep just looking at its simple beauty. Could this be true love?

The products are constructed only after the ordering process is complete. Construction may take between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on the detail of the product. All products are handcrafted in the United States.
To find out more visit,

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