Saturday, March 7, 2009

The KPC and a touch of local Boho

Bohemian fashions are very strong for Spring/Summer 2009 and jewelry plays a huge hand in this trend.

During a recent shopping trip to Hornor and Harrison in Parkersburg,, I found some fantastic jewelry at great prices. I picked up two sets of bangles for less than $20 and two necklaces with matching earrings for less than $20 each as well.

I loved the bangles so much I haven't stopped wearing them! I coupled the brown set with a bracelet I bought from and sported them during my last 3 shows on HSN. You can check out some of the videos of the presentations when clicking on the more recent items. Or check out the necklace right here!

When looking to update your wardrobe with a Bohemian influence look for items with natural beads, crystals, wood and a handmade flair. Necklaces are varying in length this season with long necklaces being the most popular. Attention is also placed on the wrist and layering is important to remember when dressing. Stack bracelets of varying styles, thicknesses and colors. A missmatched look works perfectly for this trend. Also, pull out some chunky rings with large gemstones. Earrings are going bold as well so don't be shy! Earthtones natural gems round out the Boho feeling!

You can also see this necklace and the bangles up close and personal in the next issue of WV LIVING magazine.

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