Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Casual, or Too Casual?

When is casual too casual?

I spent yesterday leisurely enjoying an afternoon at my favorite bookstore, Trans Allegheny Books in Parkersburg. (Okay, that's a personal fantasy as I haven't had a "leisurely day" in years but I can dream, right?) Walking into this book store I feel a sense of calm wrap around me; years of history and shelves of knowledge slowly transport me, even momentarily, into my own personal Zen.

Yesterday was a day of fun and relaxation; a casual time to enjoy my hometown. I'm a people watcher so of course I'm always checking out what people are wearing and what they're doing. I'm amazed by the amount of sweat pants and sweat shirts sported by the majority of the passersby. I understand it's 20 degrees outside but let's unleash our inner Style Diva and slap on some lip gloss and a trendy oversized sweater with a pair of skinny jeans in lieu of gym attire.

Oversized knits are quite hot this season. Banana Republic, Macy's, Gap, and every other major retal chain has numerous styles currently in the sales bin. Why not pick up an end-of-the-season-find?

Let's take an oath as stylish women of the mountain state to collectively burn our gym clothes, afterall, when was the last time we had time to go to the gym?

Go Style Diva!

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