Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tampa, Florida, July 2009---National television host Kim Parrish and best-selling children’s book author Deb Landry explore how role models can be found in our ordinary, everyday lives. The Snapdragon Princess (Bryson Taylor Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9773738-6-4) launches in August nationwide.

The Snapdragon Princess, for ages 6-11, revives the legacy of a real princess in a delightful intergenerational story of family treasures, enchantment and cherished times gone by. McKenzie is an astonishing young girl who dreams of becoming a princess. With the help of her grandmother, she embarks on a journey and discovers that being a real princess is much more than crowns and dress-up.

“Discovering that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, The Snapdragon Princess encourages us to look within our own families and communities to hear stories of inspiration and find our real life role models,” said Kim Parrish, co-author. “I wanted to write this book because I’ve seen too many people seeking role models in all the wrong places. Celebrities and athletes shouldn’t be the only ones inspiring our children - we should be their inspirations also.”

Featured in dozens of articles from TV Guide to The New York Times, Kim Parrish is a familiar face to millions who welcomed her into their homes throughout her eight years as a popular television host on QVC. In 2005, she took aim at America’s closets with the launch of the Kim Parrish Collection on HSN, her signature line of classic wardrobe basics noted for their innovative, updated twists. The collection is now featured on televised shopping channels in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Parrish says she’s most proud of her involvement, which has spanned nearly two decades, with the Miss America organization. Currently, she is the president of Miss America’s teen competition, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, which has made available more than $3 Million in college scholarships over the past four years.

Parrish says she teamed up with parenting coach Deb Landry after extensive discussions on where young girls were finding inspiration in today’s society.

Deb Landry is the author of the best-selling children’s books, Sticks Stones and Stumped, Yankee Go Home, and the co-author of The Comfort Zone with Meline Kevorkian Ed.D., and Robin D’Antona, Ed.D. She is a parenting coach specializing in social awareness behaviors and character education and has authored several interactive children’s mentoring plays on character education, social awareness, and bullying prevention. She was also part of the team that authored the Maine State Best Practices in Bullying and Harassment Prevention Manual and lobbied for the new legislation in the State of Maine. Landry also runs the Miss Maine’s Outstanding Teen competition as the executive director.

The Snapdragon Princess will be available at Amazon.com, BrysonTaylorPublishing.com and other local booksellers in August.

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